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The Mountaineers - Ice Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears

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Ice Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears is a stunning collection of photographs by acclaimed "polar bear photographer" Steven Kazlowski. Featuring mostly never-before-published images, this simple yet evocative book explores the polar bear's Arctic home and life cycle. Playful cubs, hungry boars, and intimidating sows -- Kazlowski's photographs capture this fascinating species in all its beautiful and fearsome glory. More than 100 full-color images reveal the polar bear's world, as well as the entire Arctic landscape: rugged ice floes, magical aurora borealis, walruses, seals, Arctic foxes and rabbits, beluga whales, and a variety of birds including the snowy owl. Kazlowski also captures the Inuit people and their culture in which the polar bear plays a significant part. The photographs are complemented by a short and informative essay by polar bear expert Ian Stirling that portrays the natural history of the polar bear -- its behavior, diet and prey, unique features, and habitat -- as well as its status as an endangered species.

For more than ten years Steven Kazlowski has followed and photographed the magnificent white bear, from Herschel Island in the Yukon to Point Hope in Alaska to Finland and beyond. He earned a degree in marine biology before setting out for Alaska to pursue his true passion -- wildlife photography. He is known for using his keen skills of observation and determination to capture an image even in extreme weather conditions. His photographs have appeared in National Wildlife, Audubon, and Canadian National Geographic. He is the photographer-author of three other books, including the critically acclaimed The Last Polar Bear.