The Stick - Massage Aid

The Stick - Massage Aid
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Price From: $27.95


What is a The Stick? The Stick is one of a series of differentially flexing sticks surrounded by rollers. You can use these devices to massage your aching muscles thereby increasing comfort, recovery, and your Stick inventory.


  • The Sprinter Stick is the firmest of the short Sticks, thereby making it the most versatile of the short Sticks. A light to deep massage is controlled by the pressure of the user. Primarily used on legs. A favorite for athletes "on the road" as it perfectly fits in most bags.
  • The Marathon Stick is the most flexible of all short models. It is for those who prefer light massages. It contours nicely to the muscle; primarily used on legs ( calf).
  • The Original Stick is a mid-flex stick.

Popularized by the USA Cycling Team . . . It is a favorite model for many athletes during travel. Like all the small models, the Travel Stick is more suited for the lower legs.