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Ticla - Good Love Lantern

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Ticla - Good Love Lantern

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Turn your lights down low. The answer to the lumen wars, the Good Love Lantern is here to make the mood . . . not kill it by blinding everyone in camp. Perfect for creating ambiance around the table or in the tent, this lantern cannot be seen from space. REPEAT, cannot be seen from space. Turn it up, turn it down, or set the glow somewhere in the middle. Included Items Carabiner USB cord 4AA batteries

Nitty Gritty

Material Plastic
Dimensions 7.5in x 5in 19cm x 12.5cm
Batteries 4xAA batteries
Bulbs LED
Color Temperature 2700k
Lumens 7-220

Why it's awesome.

•Crank it up to 220 lumens, or turn it down to 7 lumens.
• Shines for 3.5 hours on high, or up to 120 hours on low.
• Beam illuminates up to about 53 feet or 16 meters — campers can spy on neighbors or at least
avoid tripping on the way to get something out of the car.
• Charges via USB or 4AA batteries (use replaceable or rechargeable) if the power runs out.

Four modes of power

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