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Trangia - Alcohol Stove (Burner Only)

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The Trangia burner is an ingenious original product! Many have tried to copy it, but no-one has completely succeeded. The silent burner has a simple design that means it always works and does not break. Regardless of the weather, wind and season, it is easy to light. It's a good idea to light the burner first and then put the upper windshield in position.

Fuel: The Trangia burner runs on Tenol or methylated spirits, which are cheap, safe and easily available. Tenol is cleaner, while methylated spirits has a somewhat higher output.

About 10-15% water can be added to methylated spirits to reduce blackening of the pans. The burner is most efficient when filled 2/3 capacity.

In extreme cold: a winter attachment can be useful. A pre-warmer is placed under the burner. The stove can stand on it sinking into the snow. The pre-warmer is filled with fuel and is lit to warm the burner.

  • A simmering ring... is used to regulate the heat, save fuel and will extinguish the flame.