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Up Belay Glasses - Up Belay Glasses

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Tired of straining your neck while belaying and keeping your eyes on your climbing partner? Well then Up! Belay Glasses are the perfect solution at a great price. Featuring a special lens that redirects your sight-line upward, Up! Belay Glasses are an excellent way to prevent neck strain and injury, while making it easier to remain attentive while belaying.


  • Up! Belay Glasses™ are extremely easy to use but it may take a moment or two to adjust to the new feeling.
  • The manufacturer recommend practicing with your Up! Belay Glasses™ at home or in a safe area before heading to the gym or crag. 
  • Tilt your head down and look over the glasses to see your surroundings.
  • Go through the motions of belaying until you are comfortable doing so without looking directly at the rope and belay device.


  •  The manufacturer recommends placing your Up! Belay Glasses™ at the tip of you nose until your climber is 15-20ft off the ground and is clipped into protection.
  • Once your climber is safely protected from a ground fall, use your free hand (NOT YOUR BRAKE HAND) to move your Up! Belay Glasses™ into position in front of your eyes.
  • Look straight ahead and enjoy a comfortable, relaxed belaying position while viewing your climber through the lenses.
  • Many users find it useful to attach a keeper cord to the arms so they can be placed around your neck when not in use.

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