Welcome TREK 2017 Participants!


Backpacking Trek

GearX.com and the Outdoor Gear Exchange partner with UVM's TREK program each year so TREKKIES can outfit themselves as easily and affordably as possible. We offer a special TREK discount for participants up until the program starts. Order your gear online, then pick it up at the Outdoor Gear Exchange when you arrive in Burlington or have it shipped so you can break your new boots in before hitting the trail. We also open our doors early on the first day of TREK so you can purchase any last minute essentials.


Here you'll find the Official 2017 Gear List for all Treks.

Below you'll find a convenient list with links to all the types of gear we stock that may be needed for your TREK outing. This list contains gear that is both required and optional depending on the trip so see your trip's gear list for exact requirements. No, you do not need a climbing harness to go backpacking, but if you think it looks cool don't let us stop you! If you are having trouble finding what you need online, give us a call at 888-547-4327 or you can use the Contact Form to email us. We'd be happy to advise you.



**Certain products may not be currently available on GearX.com but are most likely in stock at the Outdoor Gear Exchange. Please call for availability.