Valandre - Combi Down Suit

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Valandre - Combi Down Suit

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The Valandre Combi suit is most specialized piece of apparel in the entire GearX inventory, being aimed squarely at climbers who are undertaking technical climbs at very high altitudes and in very cold conditions. It takes a special frame of mind to undertake such high-stakes climbs, but fortunately Valandre understands these climbers and their needs. 

The key point in this masterpiece of down apparel is quite simply the "articulation of arms and between legs": When you climb technical and difficult routes, you are confronted by an endless row of difficult obstacles like ice walls, couloirs of vertical rock and ice, and so on, to solve and tackle. And here you go: you can't pass a wall, nor climb up a mixed couloirs, if you can't lift up your arms freely and anchor in your ice axes (get a grip), so the minimum one can expect in a high altitude Combi is to be able to get the arms up freely, anchor in your axe correctly, and get some traction......stem out and get some balance, knowing that the rope party depends on you. You seriously need to think and select carefully, as NO mistakes are allowed in this game!

It takes Valandre about ten hours to do the sewing for each Combi suit, while it takes Renault only two hours to assemble a Twingo car. So when your life depends on your gear, put it in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing! Valandre has been outfitting high-altitude, non-oxygen climbers since 1980. 


Total weight: 56.05 oz (1589 g)

Down fill weight: 20.74 oz (588 g)

Down quality: 850+ fill French goose down

Comfort rating: -31F (35C)

Please note that Valandre products ordered through ship directly from the US distributor in Utah. So, you won't find them if you come into our Burlington store. We're bummed about that too. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Down
Properties Insulating, Waterproof, Windproof