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Valandre - Immelman Down Jacket

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High-altitude expedition climbing has evolved considerably over the past half-century, but the design of expedition parkas, in most cases, hasn't. The old "siege style" of mountaineering, in which you stagger up ropes fixed by your Sherpas with an ascender in one hand and an ice axe in the other, is quite different than the super-light, highly technical alpine style climbs pioneered by figures like Reinhold Messner, in which much of the time is spent with your arms up and your ice tools over your head. Most expedition parkas are designed for the former, but the Immelman is made for the latter.

Making a jacket for this arms-up style of climbing in very cold conditions was no simple thing. Valandre had to invest a vast amount of time and effort into designing a down baffle construction that would not allow the down to shift when you pick your arm up over your head, and the result was the world's first fully articulated down jacket: the Immelman. 

Prior to the invention of the Immelman, the best solution for this kind of technical climbing was an articulated hard shell with a multitude of base layers underneath. The Immelman is not only warmer than this conventional set-up, but also considerably lighter, which allows you to save energy with each movement - a matter which is of crucial importance in high-altitude, non-oxygen mountaineering. As the German Himalayan climber Ralf Dujmovitz described it, the Immelman is a down jacket that was "heavily needed."


Total Weight: 34 oz (965g)

Down Load: 12 oz (340g)

Down Quality: 850+ fill French goose down

Fabric: Asahi KASEI Impact 6.6 Ripstop Polyamide

Please note that Valandre products ordered through ship directly from the US distributor in Utah. So, you won't find them if you come into our Burlington store. We're bummed about that too. 


Additional Information

Material Down
Properties Insulating

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