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Valandre - Immelman G2 Jacket

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Any five-year-old knows that you need to raise your arms to climb a tree, but most down jacket designers seem to have forgotten that you need your arms up to climb a mountain. That's why Valandre introduced the articulated Immelman Jacket in 2011, with its innovative baffle system that allows you to pick your arms up without creating cold spots around your armpits. For 2014, the new Immelman G2 Jacket takes the concept to the next level, with more down fill, a chest pocket, pop-out thumb loops, and a totally redesigned hood.

Valandre calls the new zip-off hood design the "Messerschmitt Hood," because it's what the Red Baron would need if his windshield was destroyed and he had to fly back to base in 150 mph headwinds. Once you pull this hood on and cinch it around your goggles, it's not going anywhere!

Critics might point out that this hood design is not helmet-compatible. Correct! The Messerschmitt hood is not designed to be used with a helmet, because Valandre found that it is not possible to cut a design that cinches as tightly as possible around your goggles while being helmet compatible at the same time. If you really want to climb up the steep couloir under a shower of stone and ice, simply zip the hood off and use a balaclava.

Just like on the original Immelman, the tunnel-like pockets go all the way through the jacket, allowing you to burrow your hands right down next to your body where your body's core has already warmed the space. There's no more efficient way to get warm hands in a hurry.

The IG2 is a true parka-length jacket, with a double-separating zipper that allows it to pass around the rope where it attaches to your harness. A seat-belt style waist cinch is located above your natural waist, allowing you to fully seal off the jacket above your harness so drafts don't penetrate up from below.

And because a good night's sleep is key to high performance in the day time, there is an inside pocket at the back of the IG2 which allows you to transform it into a comfortable pillow. Much nicer than sleeping with your head on a frozen rope!


  • Articulated cut for excellent mobility
  • Zip-off storm hood that won't get blown off your head
  • Tunnel pockets that re-warm your hands in a hurry
  • "Banana Split" compression draft tube behind the main zipper
  • Waist cinch located above your harness to keep drafts out
  • Pop-out thumb loops located in a hidden cuff pocket
  • Pillow pocket in back for a good night's sleep
  • Down fill weight: 12.5 oz / 354 g of 850+ fill French grey goose down
  • Total weight: 35.4 oz / 1004 g 
  • Fabric: Asahi KASEI Impact 6,6 ripstop nylon
  • Approximate comfort rating: -13° F / -25° C

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Properties Insulating
Material Down