Valandre - Bifrost Jacket

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Valandre - Bifrost Jacket

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The Bifrost is Valandre's uncompromising do-anything down jacket. It combines the silhouette of the earlier Kiruna Jacket with the revolutionary underarm articulation of the Immelman Jacket, resulting in unparalleled freedom of movement. Put it on and swing your arms around - you'll be amazed by how mobile a jacket of this weight can be.

The first advanced prototype of the Bifrost was field tested on Denali by Austrian climbers Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits. The finished product was exhibited at the OutDoor expo in Freidrichshafen, Germany in the summer of 2013, where it won a Gold Award as one of the best products in the show - Valandre's third Gold Award since 2009.

The collar of the Bifrost features a new design that provides perfect insulation regardless of whether the hood is up or tucked into the built-in zippered pocket. This is accomplished by constructing 3 separate down filled compartments in the collar, one in the back of the neck and two in the front.
The front two compartments have more down to keep the neck and cheek area warm while the back compartment has less down to allow for space whether the hood is up or down. The hood sports 6 down filled compartments keeping insulation where you want it and your head nice and warm.

Once the cold starts to bite, it always starts with the fingers and hands. All of us with some field experience know that the best way to warm them back up is to get them inside your jacket and next to your body. Therefore, the hand pockets are designed like a tunnel that goes all the way through to the inside of the jacket This design allows your hands to burrow down inside where your body’s core has already warmed the space. Nice and toasty and instantly warm!

The wide elastic waistband of the Bifrost has an adjustment feature allowing customization for a broad range of body types. You get the correct fit and tension around the hips, making sure that cold air can’t penetrate the Moulin from below. Additionally there are two interior breast pockets for your phone and credit cards.

At Valandré, the price issue is never a vital part of the equation. Cold and freezing temperatures can be mortally dangerous once you're in the mountains "for real," so they designed the Moulin without any compromise. The design is so meticulous that it takes a little over 7 hours to cut, sew, and fill each Bifrost.

Note: Valandré products are not currently available at our store in Burlington; orders will ship from the US distributor in Utah.


  • Filled with 252 g of the best quality French grey goose down (850+ fill power)
  • Hood stows into collar when not in use
  • Tunnel-style hand pockets for instant hand warming
  • Articulated cut for great arms-up mobility
  • Elastic waistband seals out drafts from below
  • "Banana Split" compression draft tube prevents cold air from leaking through the main zipper


  • Total Weight: 27.51 oz (780 g)
  • Approximate Comfort Rating: 5° F (-15° C)
  • Fabric: Asahi KASEI Impact 6,6 ripstop nylon

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Additional Information

Material Down
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