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Vew Do - Pickle Nub Balance Board

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The Pickle NUB is all about the 3 F's.... Fitness, Free styling and Fun. Riders of all skill levels will find this board to be a safe yet challenging means of full rotational balance training and tricks for years to come.

A must have for athletes of all disciplines as well as anyone looking to improve or maintain their balance skills. Ideal for an active lifestyle and super fun for the whole family! The new 2015 Pickle NUB has an 8.5 inch wide deck which provides maximum trick potential and performance. The banana shaped nubs are designed to follow the width of the board and allow for responsive toe-heel tilt.

How is this board different from the Butter?

Difference between the Butter and the Pickle is most evident if the shape of the decks. The Butter has a shorter 28 inch overall deck length with a narrow waist and decreased nub to hub differential thereby allowing for quicker hub to nub balance transfer. Conversely the Pickle Nub has an increased 33 inch deck length allowing for greater leverage on both the nose and tail while allowing for increased hub-nub differential and trick potential.

  • Good For:
  • Board Sport Enthusiast
  • Return to Sport Athletes
  • Rehab

The Pickle combines fitness with freestyle. Riders of all skill levels will find this board to be fun and challenging for years to come. The Pickle is the "Go To" Nub for board riders of all disciplines and is ideal for the active lifestyle family! The Pickle NUB has a familiar skate- shaped deck providing maximum stability and comfort without limiting performance.


  • 100% North American Maple
  • Length: 31"
  • Width: 8 1/4"
  • Shape: Skate inspired with rocker
  • Surface: Superior traction surface


  • Center Hub: 7" x 3" x 3⁄4"
  • Nubs: 1" x 3⁄4" x 5"

NUB Series

The NUB series balance boards bring you low to the ground for ease-of-use while allowing 360 degrees of rotational balance training and fun without the fear of falling. The NUBs are ideal for users aged 2 to 92 as it gives anyone with the ability to stand an opportunity to sharpen their balance skills.


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