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Victorinox - Waiter Knife Victorinox

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Victorinox - Waiter Knife Victorinox

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Any wine connoisseur will tell you that a great wine tastes better with age; we feel the same way with the design of our knives. The 3¼" Waiter is the latest knife in our collection and can pair well with bottles and cans at home or on a picnic.


  1. toothpick 
  2. Combination tool with
  3. -cap lifter
  4. -can opener
  5. -screwdriver
  6. -wire stripper
  7. large blade 
  8. wire stripper 
  9. corkscrew 
  10. bottle opener 
  11. can opener with
  12. -small screwdriver
  13. key ring  
  14. tweezers


Color: Vx Red
Blade Type: Multi tool
Width: 84 mm
Weight: 1.2 oz
Handle Material: Cellidor polished


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