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Ground Up: A Vermont Climbing Story

Vermont doesn't usually come to mind as a climbing destination. Despite often being overshadowed by neighboring cliffs in New Hampshire and New York, the Green Mountain State has its own gems if you know where to look. Many of the areas have been developed in the last 20 years, thanks to the hard and daring work of many local climbers. This is the story of two explorers who continue to push the state's vertical limits. Produced by Outdoor Gear Exchange and Gearx.com.

  • The Commute

    Henry Wilkins re-imagines rush hour. Who needs roads when you've got a mountain bike?

  • Hunter's Home Gym

    What would you do with a little extra garage space? Some people would build a home office, others a guest room. Hunter built a climbing gym.

  • Green Mountain State of Mind

    Vermont offers the perfect location for whatever you do outside. Amazing trails, solid rock, outstanding people, and scenic backdrops make it an incredible place to get outdoors and do something that makes you smile.

  • The Hill

    Transition riders Alex, Ella, and Steve ripping it up on the right coast at Perry Hill in Vermont. It's a blast watching these guys show us what bikes can do these days.

  • Roof of Rumors: Bolton, VT

    Footage from Bolton, Vermont. Roy Quanstrom joined us at Roof of Rumors (V10) to show us how to send this classic VT boulder.