Vittoria - MTB Pit Stop Magnum

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Vittoria - MTB Pit Stop Magnum
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Price From: $10.99


Vittoria's Pit Stop Super Magnum (26” up to 2.50 - 27.5” up to 2.40 - 29” up to 2.40) is the market-leading repair and inflation cartridge in MTB size. Specifically designed to repair bigger than average volume tires, it is easy to carry on the bike during all types of MTB events.

Pitstop Magnum is made to get you back in the race without delay. Works on butyl tubes, latex tubes as well as tubeless tires. This foam is light, easy to use and cleaner than dealing with liquids. It will fit both Presta and Schrader valves. Alternatively, you can use the Pit Stop to pre-empt flats by loading a new tire. Tubes and tires can continue to be used after application normally.

The foam remains liquid inside the tyre for 3 months (more if the environmental conditions are good)

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