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Werner - Carve SUP Paddle

Werner - Carve SUP Paddle

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A wonderfully comfortable SUP paddle, the Werner Carve is sure to effortlessly propel you across the water with its dihedral-shaped fiberglass blade. Its small diameter carbon and fiberglass shaft will keep your grip strong during all-day paddles. 


  • Carbon and fiberglass shaft
  • Fiberglass dihedral blade
  • Small Diameter Shaft


 Shaft Option    Pieces    Weight (Ounces)    Shaft Length  Blade Length  Blade Width  Blade Area 
 Straight  1 Piece  


 20.75oz (Small Blade) 

 21.75oz (Medium Blade) 


 78 in (Uncut)  



 Small Blade: 17.75 in 

 Medium Blade: 19 in 


 Small Blade: 6.75 in

 Medium Blade: 7.25 in 


 Small Blade: 85 in²

 Medium Blade: 100 in²   

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