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Wild Country - 360 Helmet

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A classic, stylish, superstrong cross-season performer, the 360 helmet has been designed to provide the highest levels of all round protection. Utilising Wild Country’s ‘Extended EPS System’ – the 360 offers market leading front, side and rear impact protection, making it one of the safest helmets available.

Background - Wild Country’s research into this category of helmets revealed that whilst many ‘hard shell’ helmets offered good impact protection on top, few, if any (though all passing relevant CE tests) provided equally good side impact protection. Thus, when we brainstormed the 360 concept against other current models, as well as the CE drop test standards, it quickly became obvious that with the 360 we could and should be able to aim higher.

Concept - The objective of the 360 project was therefore; to create a helmet that would provide the true ‘all round’ head protection that real world climbers need, in a stylish, durable, lightweight package; and in the process exceed the CE test requirements.

Innovation - Built with safety in mind the 360’s superb testing pedigree is one of its major attributes.This is due to Wild Country’s ‘Extended EPS’ system taking the shock absorbing foam found inside the helmet, and skilfully moulding it further down around the climber’s head to maximise protection without interfering with fit or function. It is this strategic placement of foam that gives the 360 it’s outstanding strength and test results - results that far exceed the CE requirement.

However, this extra strength doesn’t incur a weight penalty, nor is fit compromised, and the 360 remains a lightweight choice within its class. Created to act as a cross-season all rounder, and perfectly at home in full winter conditions, the 360 is a reliable and fully featured model that will be at home on first forays out or longer expeditions away. Well thought out, the inner cradle adjusts quickly and simply and locks solidly via a glove friendly ‘Quik-Dial’ system. It fits snugly with or without a balaclava or under a hood and sits on adjustable, cushioned EVA pads.