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Wild Country - Dyneema Cordolette 160in 10mm

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This sewn 160 inch 10mm Dynema cordelette from Wild Country provides just what you need for rapid anchor equalization.

In the mountains or simply out cragging, setting a simple, secure belay that is quick to tension and equalise against relevant forces, is definitely an art and unfortunately these skills are never the quickest to acquire.

However, help is at hand in the form of this huge and hugely useful sling, the Cordelette, which makes perfect use of our thin and light 10mm Dyneema to provide a great aid to the process of setting an equalised belay.

Compact enough to carry easily clipped to a screwgate, the Cordelette is a very simple way of safely equalising any belay and makes equalising quicker and easier.

Essentially the 4 metre / 17ft Cordellette should be long enough in most circumstances to clip through multiple anchor points and still allow an overhand knot to be used to equalise the pieces whilst allowing the belayer to clip the knot. 


Wire gate carabiner not included.