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WILD COUNTRY - FRIEND SET  0.4-0.5-0.75-1-2-3

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Friends are the most iconic protection ever made. Throughout their 38 year tenure, although the construction has changed, their essence remains the same. At the heart of each iteration has been the definitive 13.75 cam angle; described, refined and developed by Wild Country and proven in thousands of miles of cracks climbed since 1977! 

This new Friend is no different, built with a twin axle it remains a Friend. At its core Wild Country's 13.75 constant cam angle provides the axis around which future climbers will place their trust. Robust and reliable this Friend combines classic features and significant additions to create an intriguing mix of old and new.

Externally, stylish with significant design flourishes mean the eye is drawn to any number of clever upgrades: hollow axles (Patent Pending) are stiffer for less weight; wide, skimmed lobes grip better yet are kinder on the rock; new 12mm dyneema is agile and easily extended, saving time and the weight of having to use a quickdraw on each.

Internals are based on classic Wild Country foundations; their legendary holding power and the consistency of overlap between units, whilst the twin axle has allowed them to increase the range per unit.

Crucially, this is design at its most practical making the new Friend the only twin axle cam that combines the convenience and comfort of a thumbloop with the speed and utility of an extendable sling.

Faster, smoother, lighter in use and superbly finished; a clever combination of key features with innovative engineering makes the new Friend the most complete cam available.


  • Robust, hot-forged design features wide, rock-friendly cam lobes, high-friction machined faces and hollow axles
  • Ergonomic floating trigger design and injection-molded thumb stop
  • 12mm Dyneema® extendable sling with directional pull indicators


  • Strength: 12/10kN (12kN-sling doubled, 10kN-sling extended)

Expansion Range:

  • 1: 31.7 - 53.6 millimeters
  • 2: 41.5 - 69.3 millimeters
  • 3: 52.7 - 69.3 millimeters
  • 4: 66.8 - 112.1 millimeters
  • .4: 15.8-26.37millimeters
  • 0.5: 20.6 - 34.5 millimeters
  • 0.75: 25.8 - 43 millimeters


  • 1: 123 grams
  • 2: 142 grams
  • 3: 192 grams
  • 4: 260 grams
  • .4: 75 grams
  • 0.5: 88 grams
  • 0.75: 102 grams

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Year Spring 2018