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Wild Country - Helium 2 5 Pack (All Red)

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When Wild Country launched the Helium carabiner concept, a major focus was to make a wire gate with none of the traditional drawbacks a wire gate usually has; that they can hook up on bolts or wires, can unclip more easily than snap gates, and are susceptible to opening if lying against the rock.

To get around these issues took a lot of 'blue sky' thinking, a lot of pencils and a ton of engineering time. The solution was a 'Clean-wire' hooded nose and a new flat-wire gate. With this combination of features the Helium counters to a huge degree all these traditional problems by covering the gate within the nose not allowing it to get hooked up. Other Helium features that have contributed to its success are the fact it has a Hot Forged I Beam Back which gives it amazing strength for its weight, 10kN gate open for example. It is also a full size biner which all other biners of this weight aren't so it fits in the hand well and is easy to use. It has also been designed place the rope in exactly the right place to maximise strength at all times and the slight 'pip' at each end helps the rope to sit correctly and load correctly.

Reviews for the Helium have been superb all around the world, recognizing its brilliant engineering and the contribution it makes to lightening the climber's load - and as we all know, the less weight we have to drag behind us, the further we'll go.


  • Clean-wire no-hook gate
  • Superlight
  • I-Beam Back
  • Hot forged
  • High gate open strength 
  • Sigma Rated
  • UIAA, CE EN 12275,
  • 7075 Alloy
  • All Wild Country karabiners are ‘proof loaded’ to 10kN and 100% inspected by hand
  • Major-axis strength: 24kN
  • Open gate strength: 10kN
  • Minor axis strength: 7kN
  • Weight: 33 g / 1.16 oz
  • Gate opening: 27mm / 1.8"


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