Wild Country - Helium 2 10cm Quickdraw 5 Pack

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Wild Country - Helium 2 10cm Quickdraw 5 Pack

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The Wild Country Helium carabiner's unparalleled combination of extreme lightweight, high strength and 'Clean-wire' no hook nose make it the ultimate on-sighting biner, and the quickdraw version makes the best on-sighting draw too.



With a superlight 10mm Dyneema dogbone, and at a remarkable 74 grams / 2.61oz for the 15cm the Helium is the most advanced and one of the lightest full size draws in the world. This makes it perfect for on-sighting on bolts or when you're on a big trad route and need plenty of kit.


The rope clip-end is marked by red anodising to make sure you keep any bolt damage away from the rope and there is also a rubber 'O' ring to hold the rope clip end biner in place.


All Wild Country quickdraws come with the new Vice – a plastic sheath that grips the sling and holds the bottom biner firmly in place for better clipping. 


  • Weight: 74g/2.61g
  • Major-axis strength: 24kN
  • Gate open strength: 10kN
  • Minor-axis strength: 7kN
  • Gate opening: 27mm / 1.8"

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