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Wild Country - Zero Cam

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Wild Country - Zero Cam

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Wild Country - Zero Cam

Wild Country - Zero Cam - 4

Wild Country - Zero Cam

Wild Country - Zero Cam - 5

Wild Country - Zero Cam

Wild Country - Zero Cam - 6


As a company dedicated to meeting then beating the standards of the day the Zeros project was the essential first part of our 21st century overhaul. This overhaul was dedicated to making the lightest gear possible. Inspired by the new era of speed ascents in the Valley by the Hubers, Dean Potter, Leo Houlding and the new wave of uber-difficult clean-aid routes others we felt that the time was ripe for the original cam company to make its contribution. Talking to our guys 'on the ground' and plenty of retailers we tried to figure was missing from the rack - what tools could make the difference? Something that could advance tiny 'clean' placements, that was so light it was no burden to carry, that was so flexible at the head it wouldn't lever out or break the placement? For all of these questions there seemed one obvious solution and the Zeros project was born. A success from day one these incredible cams have a combination of features that makes us sure that Zeros are 'clever' enough and strong enough to satisfy the demands of cutting edge climbers for the ultimate tool in their quest for more and more extreme adventures.The smallest and lightest cams ever made, Zero Friends were designed without compromise; flexible, strong and reliable, they are perfect for free or aid climbing and essential kit on every hardcore rack.


    Product             Color                               Range                                       Weight                   Strength Rating     
Zero 1 Purple 5.5mm - 7.8mm 25g / .88oz 3 kN N/A
Zero 2 Green 7.0mm - 9.8mm 32g / 1.13oz 4 kN N/A
Zero 3 Silver 8.5mm - 12.2mm 44g / 1.55oz 6 kN EN12276
Zero 4 Gold 10.3mm - 16mm 50g / 1.76oz 6 kN EN12276
Zero 5 Blue 13mm - 19mm 66g / 2.33oz 9 kN EN12276
Zero 6 Red 17mm - 24mm 70g / 2.47oz 9 kN EN12276


Features: Direct Loading Axle, Camstops, Guided Triggers, Flexistem, Original 13.75 Cam angle, Light 10mm Dyn Extendable Sling, Colour coded.

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