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Rock Exotica - Silent Partner Solo Belay Device

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Solo climbing is risky business. It is more technical and more labor-intensive than climbing with a partner, and the danger inherent in finding yourself in an emergency situation while climbing alone is obvious. But solo climbing also has its rewards: the ability to climb when a partner is unavailable, the satisfaction of completing a climb yourself, and perhaps liberation from an annoying partner. Rock Exotica developed the Silent Partner to fill the need for a solo belay device that would make roped free climbing easier. The Silent Partner feeds automatically as you climb, and its speed sensitive locking mechanism will catch even head first falls. The Silent Partner is easily released under full body weight and it can be used to lower yourself as needed to recover from a fall. 

Rock climbing is dangerous.  Solo rock climbing is even more dangerous. Use of a Silent Partner does not make you safe. 

Competent instruction is required before using this device. 
  • Weight: 15 oz
  • Rope diameter: 9.8-11mm

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Color Red