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Yakima - SkyBox - 18

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At 18 cubic feet, this rooftop cargo box is just the right size for your next multi-sport adventure. Thanks to the quick-installation hardware, the SkyBox 18 mounts onto your car rack system in a matter of seconds without any tools. It opens on either side, so you’ll never have to do laps around your vehicle to get your stuff. And it has a nice, low-key matte black finish. It’s certain to incite envy in neighbors, family members, friends, enemies, house pets and random strangers. So pick one up today, and start experiencing the feeling of gear-hauling satisfaction only owners of Yakima rooftop cargo boxes know.

  • The new lid is 50% stiffer than our other boxes, so it vibrates less and is easier to open and shut one-handed
  • New lid shape is easy to grab onto, even if you have particularly clumsy meathooks
  • Super Latch Security ensures your lid is secure to its base, and your stuff is safer than Fort Knox
  • Quick-installation mounting hardware fits car rack systems with round, square and most factory crossbars
  • New aerodynamic shape reduces wind drag
  • Fits crossbar spreads as short as 24”
  • Integrated track system for accessories like a cargo net or base pad
  • SKS locks included standard
  • Matte, stealth anti-scratch finish
  • Can hold up to 215cm skis. Max ski length indicated. Actual fit will vary depending on ski shape / style and manufacturer.
  • 18 cubic feet (92” x 36” x 16”)

Lid is 50% stiffer than classic boxes, making it easier to open and shut.
New lid shape is easy to grab onto
New ergonomic Super Latch Security ensures lid is secure.
Quick-Installation mounting hardware fits round, square and most factory bars.

Produced: 2009 to present

History: Replaced 8007156, updated latching mechanism from old ball catch to super secure hook and post. Also made front and rear drive bar move independently. Changed the lid supports in February 2010. Upgraded to Zinc die cast handle in October 2010.

General Information
Weight: 52 lbs.
Dimensions: 92" x 36" x 16"
Capacity: 18 cu feet. Varies by application. Fits Crossbar spreads of 24" thru 42". See Fit List for specific vehicles.

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