Bike Supply Chain PSA

Current lead times for bike components.

Bikes are in higher demand than ever before, and there are major supply chain issues with manufacturing and transportation. This means lead times are longer than expected and unpredictable.

Manufacturers in most cases are unable to get us concrete ETA’s on bicycles and components but we are trying to keep parts in stock and find bikes for customers. In some cases, certain components may not be available until the end … Read more >>

Partner Packing: How to Thru-Hike Together and Stay in Love

Chris and Kim posing on a snowy summit of a mountain

Solo adventuring can give you an unparalleled sense of freedom, but there is something quite special about finding a partner that shares your same passion for adventure. While there are many ways that backpacking with a partner can be easier, it does add a separate set of challenges. Despite that, the shared experience of thru-hiking with the one you love is always worth it in the end.

Making A Plan…

Why Vermont? A Local Perspective

A biker stops to say hello to a cow on a bike ride

We spend a lot of time talking about Vermont and why we love living here. Most folks who haven’t spent a ton of time here usually associate skiing and snowboarding with Vermont – winter recreation is ingrained in our brave little state’s history. But what we think more people should realize is that there are few things better than a Vermont summer. From rock climbing to jumping off waterfalls, there … Read more >>

An Open Love Letter to Spring Skiing

An open love letter to Spring Skiing

To our beloved Spring Skiing,

You are warm. Your timing is always perfect. Just when we are completely over the harsh winter, you allow us to shed layers of insulation, give us the freedom, and allow for a range of motion to really enjoy you. Sometimes a select few of us even wear jorts to really show our appreciation for you. Your sun rays allow us to adorn sunscreen and … Read more >>

10 Rules For Your First Season of Ice Climbing

The post author excitedly standing in front of a large waterfall.

If you live in New England and fancy yourself an outdoorsy person — or even if you don’t — you’ve probably heard of the wild and seemingly ridiculous sport of ice climbing. You’ve likely driven by large walls of frozen ice covering the highway roadside cuts and may have wondered to yourself, “How could anyone get into such a crazy activity?” Since most folks think of ice as a negative … Read more >>

10 Rules For Your First Ski Season In The Backcountry

Backcountry skiing: So hot right now.

With AT setups flying off the shelves here at OGE and elsewhere across the country, it’s clear that the appeal of skipping the traditional resort experience — and the crowds that come with it — isn’t lost on people this winter.

Whether your decision to cut the metaphorical cord of lift-served skiing comes from a desire for more socially-distanced outings, or a newfound or … Read more >>

2020 in the Rearview

OGE storefront at night


A year full of challenges. A year full of progress. And a year full of gratitude for you and your support.

We went into 2020 with big plans to grow as a business. In-store and online business was booming. We were hosting 20+ events a month. We were helping more people than ever get outside and develop a relationship with nature and outdoor recreation.

Obviously, things didn’t …

Vermont Ski Resort COVID Rules

A Skier in a blue jacket at Bolton

Well team, we made it to December. The final month of what has quite possibly been one of the strangest years in recent history.

Despite the oddities of 2020, we can’t help but be excited about ski season! To help you make the best plans for your upcoming ski and snowboard adventures, we’ve compiled COVID information from northern Vermont ski resorts and provided links to their 2020/2021 winter operations pages. … Read more >>

Used Gear For Good

Your closet is full to bursting with clothing you don’t wear anymore. A backpack you haven’t taken on a hike in years. Climbing shoes you thought you’d use all the time but haven’t touched. The clutter is overwhelming and all you can think about is, WHAT am I going to do with all this stuff?

So, what to do?

Before you throw everything into a plastic garbage bag and drive … Read more >>

Meet An OGExpert: Jericha Harriman

Jericha's OGExpert portrait

What’s an OGExpert? They’re the folks that huff and puff alongside you in the skin track, give you a yell from the lift, move that pad for you at the climbing gym, share their granola at the summit, or help you change a flat tire at the bike trail head. They’re us. We’ve done it all, and used pretty much every kind of gear along the way. We live, breathe, … Read more >>

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