5 Quality of Life Upgrades to Inspire You to Get a New Tent

If you’ve been rocking the same tent for a few seasons now, you’ve probably amassed at least a few grievances about how it was designed: Maybe you don’t like the way the fly’s zippers open and close, or you don’t have enough storage space inside the tent. Maybe you’ve spent a rainy day hunkered down in it and the way the vestibules are configured made it feel claustrophobic.

Before you …

Tried and True Gear: Canoe Camping

Ahhhhhh…. Canoe Camping. Ever popular, always different. The beauty of canoe camping stems from the fact that you can bring the whole kitchen sink, and then some with you. Weight is not really a concern unless you have portaging to think about. For multiple weeks out on the river, or lake hopping, a slimmer backpacking style approach might be the ticket. For the weekend overnight at the local lake on … Read more >>

Tried and True Gear: Climbing

Bouldering, Trad climbing, sport climbing, top roping. A lot of ways to get on the rock. It’s also a lot of gear to think about. The general approach is that depending on the type of rock, length of route, saftey, time, all come together with what you end up climbing on most. If you love to boulder, you just need some friends, a crash pad, some shoes, and some chalk. … Read more >>

Tried and True Gear: Backpacking

Backpacking is one of those outdoor pursuits that lives on a giant spectrum. Folks will go for 3 days, some folks complete entire thruhikes that last months on end, over thousands of miles. There is also a wide variety of gear, when you pick that gear, and a specific reason it has a place in the pack.

Some people love being as light as possible. No large comforts. You can … Read more >>

Building Trails for EveryBODY

Vermont Adaptive, a nationally-recognized organization that empowers people with disabilities to recreate outside, believes that “everyBODY” should be able to enjoy the same physical, mental, and social benefits that time in the outdoors can bring. By supplying individuals with adaptive equipment, education and experience, Vermont Adaptive is able to cover half of the equation—but what about the trails themselves?

With networks ranging from Burke to Bennington, there are over … Read more >>

Session & Progression: Take Your Mountain Biking to the Next Level

A mountain biker rides down a wooded trail

Since 2020, mountain biking has grown in popularity nationwide. You have a bike and have been riding, but how do you progress from being a green/blue trail cruiser to a black trail crusher? OGExpert Kenzie is here to share her tips and tricks. She is a BICP (Bike Instructor Certification Program) Level 2 instructor with a passion for getting a diversity of riders out on mountain bikes.

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Hard Boot Splitboarding Part 2: The Gear

The author of the post touring on a splitboard setup

This blog post is meant to be a continuation of a piece that was published on our website last winter titled My Season As A Hard Boot Splitboarder. If you haven’t read that article, and you’re still trying to decide if it makes sense for you to make the switch to hard boot splitboarding, I recommend you start there first.

For this post, I wanted to go a bit … Read more >>

A Fat Bike Q&A, Or: Why Fat Bikes?

A biker riding on a snowy trail on a fat bike

If you’ve ever wanted to extend your biking season past when most people—but not all—would throw in the towel and wait for spring, you’re in luck. Because fat bikes. Purpose-built for soldiering through wooly winter terrain, their extremely wide and often studded tires can make short work of snowy trails that conventional mountain bikes would balk at.

That’s all well and good, you say. But what if you … Read more >>

Meeting the Full Circle Everest Team

A photo of the Full Circle Everest Team together during their Everest expedition

Have you ever wanted to see what the power of community, lifting up those around you, and a common goal can do? Look no further than the Full Circle Everest Expedition Team, the first all-black mountaineering team to summit Mount Everest (also known by its Tibetan name: Chomolungma, Mother Goddess of the World).

We were extremely fortunate to have four members of the Full Circle team come to Burlington … Read more >>

Neck Gaiters For a Great Cause

An image of the VT Adaptive limited-edition neck gaiter

What happens when you bring three Vermont organizations together? Great things.

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports, a local non-profit that aims to empower people of all means and abilities to get outside through inclusive sports and recreational programming, and Turtle Fur, a Vermont-based accessory company that aims to inspire an outdoor lifestyle by promoting socially and environmentally conscious living for every adventure, have teamed up to create a … Read more >>

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