Meeting the Full Circle Everest Team

A photo of the Full Circle Everest Team together during their Everest expedition

Have you ever wanted to see what the power of community, lifting up those around you, and a common goal can do? Look no further than the Full Circle Everest Expedition Team, the first all-black mountaineering team to summit Mount Everest (also known by its Tibetan name: Chomolungma, Mother Goddess of the World).

We were extremely fortunate to have four members of the Full Circle team come to Burlington … Read more >>

Neck Gaiters For a Great Cause

An image of the VT Adaptive limited-edition neck gaiter

What happens when you bring three Vermont organizations together? Great things.

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports, a local non-profit that aims to empower people of all means and abilities to get outside through inclusive sports and recreational programming, and Turtle Fur, a Vermont-based accessory company that aims to inspire an outdoor lifestyle by promoting socially and environmentally conscious living for every adventure, have teamed up to create a … Read more >>

An Interview With Raquel Vélez, Founder and CEO of Alpine Parrot

A photo of Raquel Vélez, founder and CEO of Alpine Parrot

We sat down with Raquel Vélez, Founder and CEO of Alpine Parrot to learn more about her journey, inclusive sizing, and what Alpine Parrot is all about! Watch the video below, or head past the jump to read what we talked about.

Quick Stats:

Name: Raquel Vélez
Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Monterey, California
Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

Q: Where is Alpine Parrot Located?

A: Alpine Parrot is located on the Monterey … Read more >>

2022 Year in Review


It’s been another great year at Outdoor Gear Exchange, with tons of excellent memories made outside, at the shop, and with our community. The year saw some pretty big happenings at OGE, including our most ambitious fundraiser to date—a relay thru-hike of the Long Trail by OGE staff and community members from across Vermont that raised over $15,000 for the Green Mountain Club. We also continued to focus on … Read more >>

Making Space for Every Body in the Outdoor Industry

3 backpackers dancing in front of a streambed

At Outdoor Gear Exchange, when we say that everybody deserves to experience the outdoors, we truly mean every BODY. Including historically excluded groups—and ensuring the outdoor industry is making an effort to do the same—is a big part of who we are. We are committed to supporting companies that are making strides in fostering inclusivity. We are thrilled to see more bodies of different shapes and sizes getting out there.… Read more >>

6 Kid-Friendly Vermont Fall Adventures

A footbridge on the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail

Fall is here! Exploring nature in all four seasons is exactly why we love living in New England. From September to October, the leaves start to change, the air feels crisp, and everyone starts chatting about apple picking, corn mazes and foliage. Here we break down places to explore with kids in the fall, whether it’s by hiking, biking, birding, or kayaking. As usual, remember plenty of snacks, water, and … Read more >>

Our Favorite Skis & Boards For Winter ’23

A skier carving a turn in the backcountry

We love skis and snowboards. Really love them.

It can be tough to pick favorites, but these are the ones we love this season. Skis and boards for every shredder in the family, from every category. OGE Ski
Department Head Dan and Snowboard Department Head Hayes tell it like it is.

All-Mountain Skis: Line Pandora 94 Women’s Skis

Light and nimble ski for all day fun, the Pandoras offer an … Read more >>

Vermont Destinations for First-Time Canoe Camping

Two canoers paddling in a calm pond at sunrise

If you haven’t fallen in love with canoe camping yet, this summer might be the time. It’s usually pretty hard to get into something new – especially in the outdoor field. The thing about canoe camping is that it’s so accessible. Families, friends, solo canoeists, dogs, kids, young and old can go on these trips. In this article, we’re going to help you get started.

How to Rent Gear

To …

10 Camping Hacks to Try on Your Next Trip

2 hikers make camp in an open area with trees and mountains in the background

A hack can be really anything that makes life easier, simpler, or a task take less time. Outdoor hacks are no different. Take them with you outside, or leave them in the gear closet, these might just make being outside that little bit more awesome.

1. Garbage Bag Pack Liners for Backpacking

Typically, your overnight pack isn’t waterproof. Tangentially: in the Northeast, if you don’t like the weather, just wait … Read more >>

Three Ways to Bike Across VT

A map of VT with the three biking routes overlaid in different colors

Find Happiness on Lesser-Known Vermont Bike Routes

Spring is here. Finally. And with it, the buzz is growing to get outside again—to push our winter bodies out of our comfort zone. From lofty goals of multi-day self-supported tours to sub-24 hour overnight trips, from single day centuries to picnic day trips, we celebrate all two-wheeled adventures as equally joyous and valid.

1. Lamoille Valley Rail Trail // For riders of Read more >>

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