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High Water, Higher Stoke: The 11th Annual New Haven Ledges Race

Whitewater kayaking at the 11th annual New Haven Ledges Race

Full disclosure: OGE is a sponsor of this event.

With skiing and winter in the rear view mirror, the outdoor enthusiast must shift to other pursuits—like whitewater kayaking—to get their adrenaline fix.

For 11 years now, the beginning of April has seen whitewater kayakers from as far as Alaska and Idaho flocking to Bristol, Vermont for the annual New Haven Ledges Race, an event that sets the tone for a … Read more >>

Think You Could Paddle the Longest Canoe Trail in the Northeast?


The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is the longest canoe trail in the Northeast. Stretching for a grand total of 740-miles, it winds from Old Forge, New York, to Fort Kent, Maine, passing through the vast Northern Forest, New England villages, and rugged scenery. Paddling it end-to-end means navigating twenty-two rivers, fifty-eight lakes, and over a dozen watersheds, ducking into Canada and traversing wide swaths of backcountry.

Of the eighty-seven paddlers …

10 Amazing (and Attainable) Thru-Hikes Across the Country

20181017-Washington-Wonderland Trail2

Weekend backpacking trips are one of the greatest gifts of the summer. You can get so much in just two to three days: a breathtaking vista, a serene mountain lake, a secluded old-growth forest. The only problem is that all too soon you’re back at the trailhead, preparing for the long drive home and wondering how you’ll get through five more days before your next big adventure.

Usually, this is …

Spring Skiing Checklist: Are You Ready?

Spring skiing checklist

For some skiers, spring is a tragic emergence of tulips and aspen leaf buds. In a fairer version of the universe, as they may see it, winter powder days would still be going strong. But other skiers embrace spring skiing as the last on-snow hurrah before summer sets in.

Spring skiing is its own particular art to master and enjoy. Go in with rookie moves, and you’ll trip all over … Read more >>

The Elusive Lynx: 22 Designs Lynx Tele Binding Review

Testing the 22 Designs Lynx tele binding

The world of telemark skiing is one unfazed by the trends of the retail marketplace and the greater realm of skiing—crusty backcountry curmudgeons will continue to delightedly drop knees on three-pins and leathers until the end of snow. But still, a small cadre of diehard gear-heads and free-heel aficionados have been working the past few years to push the boundaries of the sport.

Living On The Edge

NTN bindings have …

Mount Mansfield: The Man, The Moose, The Legend

The summit of Vermont's highest, most legendary peak

Due to glacial activity thousands of years ago, it’s not unusual for New England mountains to have human or animal-like outcroppings reminiscent of a face or a head.

Take for example, the famous, but now fallen, Old Man of the Mountain on Cannon in New Hampshire, or his counterpart across the street on Eagle Cliff, the Old Lady of the Mountain, aka the Watcher, who still resides there today. All … Read more >>

How to Spring Clean Your Outdoor Gear

Spring Clean your gear

After getting home from spending time in the great outdoors, whether it’s a day hike or weeklong camping trip, the last thing anyone feels like doing is cleaning their gear. All too often, exhaustion and procrastination win out, and people tend to stuff their dirty, grimy gear in the far corner of a garage only to discover that, come spring, their tent or backpack has become a Petri dish of … Read more >>

How to Get Your Kids Skiing at an Early Age

Getting your kids into skiing at an early age

Slopeside meltdowns, freezing tears on frigid lift rides, urgent bathroom breaks the minute you’ve gotten all geared up: Hitting the slopes with your little ones can be a big-time challenge, not to mention a big hit to the wallet. But the benefits—getting your kiddos passionate about skiing and riding and creating a whole new level of outdoor fun for the whole fam—are well worth the hassle.

To help you navigate …

The Insider’s Guide to Mount Washington in Winter

A mountaineering training expedition on Mount Washington.

Temperatures flirting with 20 below and winds gusting over 50 miles per hour aren’t exactly what you might expect when you start the drive up I-93 north from Boston under cool, but clear, winter skies. But in just a few hours of driving, you can quickly be transported into what, without hyperbole, can be described as the world’s worst weather.

Standing at a height of 6,288 feet, in a region … Read more >>

5 Incredible Ice Climbing Spots Near Burlington

5 Incredible Ice Climbing Spots Near Burlington

Once the temperatures dip, the Green Mountain State turns from its rich summer greens into an icy mecca of frozen waterfalls and wintery landscapes. Road cuts turn to ice walls, and that small trickle of water over moss-covered rock at the crag is now transformed into a pillar of ice.

This transformation signals the time for climbers to drop the chalk and tight-fitting, rubber-soled shoes in favor of insulated boots, crampons, … Read more >>

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