Road Tripping: The Car Camper’s Guide

Why is it that so many Americans feel a calling to the open road?

For me, it was the combination of 58 national parks and an infrastructure with over 4 million miles of roadway—pretty simple.

Whatever your reason is for taking to the road, know that there are many ways to go about it. Sprinters, Volkswagen Microbuses and even converted school buses abound on Instagram—I think we collectively hit Peak … Read more >>

From Gym to Crag: Tips for a Plastic Puller’s First Route Outside

So, you’re making the jump. You’ve honed your skills, you’ve built your strength, and your local gym feels a little small, a little boring. You’re ready to spread your wings and go outside.

Heading to the crag for the first time after only climbing in the (albeit noisy and crowded) clinical setting of a gym can be intimidating, and the opportunities for a beginning climber to commit a faux-pas … Read more >>

5 Rain Jackets That Won’t Break the Bank

It’s the one piece of gear that you absolutely must have no matter the length of your trip, the weather forecast, or weight of your pack. When a sudden summer squall hits, having a rain jacket can make or break your time in the wilderness.

But a lot of them are pretty dang expensive.

Read on for our top picks for rain jackets that are not only functional, but aren’t … Read more >>

Packs with Personality: Our Favorite Backpacks for Spring 2017


Warm weather has arrived and with it, plenty of activities to choose from. Your potential for adventure is limited only by your imagination – and perhaps the gear you need to get from A to B. In order to ensure that no outdoor activity goes unpursued for lack of equipment, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite new spring backpacks, each one fine-tuned to maximize your fun this season.

The…

How Not to Lose Your Mind During Shoulder Season

Shoulder season

Well friends, it’s that time of year. The snow is melting into great big puddles of muddy muck, running/biking/hiking trails are too damp to run/bike/hike on, and temps do not yet merit breaking out your beer cooler and bee-lining it to the nearest body of water.

We have arrived at shoulder season.

Much like the waning moments of an epic weekend, shoulder season is, for us outdoor folk, a very … Read more >>

New Black Diamond Climbing Gear for Spring 2017

Black Diamond Equipment has been the gold standard in climbing gear for a long time; you’ll find their Camalots or carabiners on most every trad climber’s rack. Building on the success of their storied legacy in hardgoods, Black Diamond continues to develop the breadth and scope of their gear offerings. Here are some this season’s standouts, from their venture into climbing ropes to the refinement of their climbing packs.

Introducing:…

So you want to start run commuting: 4 Essential items

Run commuting is an oft-overlooked “third way” of getting to work, provided you don’t live an unreasonably long distance from your job. While bike commuting gets all the press, getting your runs in to and from work is a great way to mix your workouts up and to do your part for ol’ Mother Nature. Besides your normal running wear, you’ll need a combination of specialized gear, hygiene supplies, and … Read more >>

Our Favorite Yoga Essentials for Spring 2017

yoga fitness

Yoga may be a year-round activity, but the warmer months bring about a unique opportunity to take your practice outside and renew your spirit in the fresh air. Whether you’re a class-a-day devotee or simply someone who appreciates the ease of movement that yoga wear provides, take a look at some of our favorite essentials for the spring 2017 season.

1. Lole Ziona Bra

A sports bra should be two …

Best Trail Running Gear for Spring 2017

Spring is almost here, and with it, the call to get out on the trail becomes almost deafening. It doesn’t make it any easier that the new season also brings hot new gear from our favorite brands, either. Read on for some 2017’s top gear picks for trail running and build your stoke for warmer weather.

1. Arc’teryx Norvan VT Trail Running Shoes

The Arc’teryx Norvan VT trail running shoes

How to Get the Most Out of Your Resort Day

Resort Skiing

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction derived from, as they say, “earning your turns.” Untracked snow and crowd-free explorations are major perks to getting your fill of pow off-piste.

That said, skiing groomed trails still holds plenty of appeal for a variety of skiers and snowboarders.

Perhaps you’re a backcountry skier looking to enjoy a little Type 1 fun. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior escaping the city life for a … Read more >>

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