Gear Rentals

Our stable of rental equipment runs the gamut from skis and boots to SUPs, canoes, and bikes. If you're in the Burlington area, and want to go on an adventure with some cool gear, we've got you covered.

Read on for details and rates, and, as always, feel free to call 888-547-4327 or drop into a live-chat with one of our friendly OGExperts for any specific questions about our rental fleet and policies.

Rental Rates

Rental Type 1 Day (24 Hours) 2 – 6 Days 7+ Days
Rental Bikes (<$2k) $30 $20 / Day $20 / Day
Premier Bikes ($2k - $4k) $55 $55 / Day $44 / Day
Demo Bikes (>$4k) $75 $75 / Day $60 / Day
Fat Bikes $55 $45 / Day $35 / Day
Bike Accessories $30 $25 / Day $20 / Day
Crash Pads $20 $20 / Day $20 / Day
Bear Kegs $5 $5 / Day $5 / Day
Watercraft $45 $45 / Day $36 / Day

Rental Damage Policy

OGE does not require a damage deposit on rental equipment. However, customers must accept responsibility for the equipment being rented, and ensure that all rental equipment is returned clean, dry and in working order. Customers must also accept financial responsibility for any rental equipment not returned. If rental equipment is returned dirty or damaged, the customer will be responsible for the service required to clean or fix the damage at normal repair rates.

Examples of damage to rental equipment:

  • Ski base damage due to low snow conditions
  • Skis returned with topsheet, tip, or tail damage
  • Skins returned with excess debris on glue
  • Bikes returned dirty, damaged, or broken

Required Information For Renting Skis

In order to calculate the proper DIN setting for the bindings on your rental skis, OGE will require you to fill out the weight, height, age, and skier type fields during the rental checkout process.

What's Your Skier Type?

  • Skier Type I: Beginner
  • Skier Type II: Intermediate
  • Skier Type III: Advanced

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