Service & Repair

At Outdoor Gear Exchange, our comprehensive tech room is staffed by a friendly team of experts capable of repairing and tuning just about every type of outdoor gear.

We offer quick turnaround on the shop services you need to keep your gear performing at its best, including tuning and repair services for skis, snowboards, and bikes, custom ski boot fitting services, and tent and backpack repair.

Bike Shop

The OGE bike shop is fully equipped with the best tools available and operated by highly experienced mechanics willing to go the extra mile to ensure your bike is riding better than ever.

In addition to our bike tune packages, we also offer a comprehensive selection of à la carte bike shop services, including everything from full Fox shock services and dropper post overhauls to ultrasonic drivetrain cleaning. Whether you've got a flat tire or need a custom bike built from the ground up, we've got your back!

Bike Tune Packages
Service Price Description
Standard Bike Tune $80 Includes wheel true, shifting adjustment, bearing adjustment, frame cleaning and polishing, and chain lubrication. We will also check the torque specs on all the bolts/fasteners and perform a "safety shakedown."
Full Bike Tune $160 Includes all the services of the Standard Bike Tune, plus a cable/housing overhaul (parts included) and ultrasonic drivetrain cleaning.
Premier MTB Tune $250 Includes all the services of the Full Bike Tune, plus two basic hydraulic services (Brake Bleed Front and Rear, Air Can Service, or Fork Oil Change).
Premier Road Tune $250 Includes all the services of the Full Bike Tune, plus a full re-grease: Hubs, bottom bracket, headset, seat post, and quick releases/thru axles.
Platinum MTB Tune $400 Includes all the services of the Premier Bike Tune, plus front and rear brake bleeds, air can service, fork oil change, linkage overhaul, and tubeless refresh.
Bike Shower $15 Gentle cleaning for your bike.
Safety / Serviceability Shakedown $35 Includes frame cleaning, minor drivetrain cleaning and lubrication, a bolt torque check, and a service assessment report.
Suspension & Hydraulic Service


Service Price Description
Basic Fork Service (50 Hour Service) $50 Bath Oil Change
Standard Fork Service (100 Hour Service) $75 + Cost of parts Bath Oil Change, Air Spring Service, and Wiper Seal Install
Full Fork Service (150 Hour Service) $150 + Cost of parts Bath Oil Change, Wiper Seals, Air Spring Clean/Grease, and Damper Oil Service
Premier Fork Service (200 Hour Service) $175 + Cost of parts Bath Oil Change, Wiper Seals, Air Spring Rebuild, Damper Overhaul
Fork Install $40 Cut Steerer/Set Nut
Slider Bushing Install (Add-on) $45


Service Price Description
Basic Shock Service (50 Hour Service) $50 Air Can Service
Standard Shock Service (100 Hour Service) $75 + Cost of parts Air Can Service and Seal Install
Full Shock Service (150 Hour Service) $150 + Cost of parts Air Can Service, Damper Service: New Damper Fluid, Nitrogen Charge
Premier Shock Service (200 Hour Service) $175 + Cost of parts Air Can Service, Damper Overhaul, Eyelet Rebuild, Nitrogen Charge
Eyelet Bushing Install $15 + Cost of parts

Seat Posts

Service Price
Reverb Rebuild $80 + Cost of parts
Transfer Rebuild $100 + Cost of parts
Dropper Post Cartridge Service $40 + Cost of parts

Linkage Service

Service Price
Linkage Overhaul (Basic to Complex) $70 - $130 + Cost of parts
Drivetrain, Brake & Cockpit Service

Drivetrain Service

Service Price
Shifting Adjustment $15
Derailleur Hanger Alignment $20
Shift Cable Install (+ Parts) $20
Shift Cable/Housing Install (+ Parts) $25
Complex Cable/Housing Install (+ Parts) $30
Shift Cable (Part) $4
Shift Cable Housing per foot (Part) $3
Chain Install $12
Cassette Install $15
Freewheel Install $15
Derailleur Install $25
Derailleur Hanger Install $25
Shifter Install $25
Crank Install $20
Chainring Install $20
Freehub Body Install $25
Ultrasonic Cleaning (Chain/Cassette/CR) $60

Brake Service

Service Price
Brake Adjustment $15
Brake Pad Install & Adjust $20
Brake Cable Install (+ Parts) $20
Brake Cable/Housing Install (+ Parts) $25
Internal Cable Install (+ Parts) $25
Brake Cable Road (Part) $4
Brake Cable Mountain (Part) $4
Brake Cable Housing per foot (Part) $3
Compressionless Brake Cable Housing per foot (Part) $4
Brake Bleed $30
Brakeset Install (Mechanical) $25
Brakeset Install (Hydraulic) $35
Cross Lever Install $40
Disc Rotor Install $10
Disc Rotor True $12

Cockpit Service

Service Price
Handlebar Wrap (+ Cost of tape) $20
Stem Install $15
Handlebar Install $20
Saddle Install $6
Seatpost Install $5
Dropper Post Install $30
Pedal Install $5
Wheel & Bearing Service

Wheel Service

Service Price
Flat Tire Repair (+ Cost of Tube) $15
Tire Install $20
Cloth Rim Strip (Part) $5
Rubber Rim Strip (Part) $2
Tubeless Conversion (Tubeless Ready Only) $35
CushCore Install $40
Wheel True (Lateral) $20
Wheel True (Radial) $30
Wheel True (Dish and Tension) $60
Spoke Replacement (+ Wheel True) $20
Wheel Build (+ Parts) $100
Straight Gauge Spokes (Part) $1.50/each
Double-Butted Spokes (Part) $1.75/each

Bearing Service

Service Price
Bottom Bracket Install $30
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $20
Bottom Bracket Service $30
Headset Adjustment $15
Headset Service (Adjust + Grease) $25
Crown Race Install $15
Headset Install $35
Hub Adjustment $20
Hub Service (Adjustment + Grease) $25
Hub Overhaul (Service + New BB's) $40
Building, Shipping & Installation Service

Bike Building & Frame Prep

Service Price
Bike Build from Box $100
Bike Disassembly and Packaging $100
Bottom Bracket Shell Tapping $45
Bottom Bracket Shell Facing $45
Headtube Facing $45
Helicoil Crank $45

Accessory Installation

Service Price
Fender Install (Set) $25
Rack Install $20
Computer Install $10
Kickstand Install $15

We offer 10% off of labor/installation of any parts or accessories purchased from us.

Bike Shipping Service

We use a tiered pricing structure based on your bike's value to calculate shipping cost. The prices listed below include the cost of labor, materials, and required insurance needed to package and ship your bike.

Bike Value Price
$0 – $500 $200
$501 – $1500 $225
$1501 – $3000 $250
$3001 – $5000 $275
$5000+ $300
Winter Bike Commuter Care Packages

Regular washing, degreasing, and lubricating can go a long way in slowing the inevitable rust and corrosion that await a winter bike. Whether you're a seasoned all-weather rider or a first time winter commuter, let us help with the maintenance! For the first time this year, we are excited to offer winter bike commuting packages. With two different levels to choose from, these packages offer steep discounts on professional labor to keep you and your bike happier all winter long.

The Winter Warmup Package includes 3 cleaning services, while the Winter Warrior Package includes 6. The details of what each service entails are listed below. Customers will receive a punch pass to keep track of their services, which are not transferable to another bike.

Service Price Description
Winter Warmup Package
SKU: KK-90-05
$100 Two (2) basic bike cleanings and one (1) thorough bike cleaning, to be used anytime this winter.
$150 value (33% off!)
Winter Warrior Package
SKU: EA-83-57
$150 Four (4) basic bike cleanings and two (2) thorough bike cleanings, to be used anytime this winter.
$300 value (50% off!)

Basic Cleaning Details:

  • Bike shower
  • Drivetrain cleaning by hand
  • Drivetrain lubrication
  • Safety check

Thorough Cleaning Details:

  • Bike shower
  • Ultrasonic drivetrain clean
  • Drivetrain lubrication
  • Wheel nipple lubrication
  • External cable lubrication
  • Safety check

Ski Service

Our ski tech services encompass everything from basic edge sharpening all the way down to stone ground base treatment and beyond.

Certified to mount, tune and repair alpine/alpine touring, telemark, nordic, and snowboard/splitboard setups, our experienced techs will have you back cruising the slopes or ripping through the backcountry in no time.

Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Our ski and snowboard tuning services will be shut down for the season on April 9 and resume in late August.

Service Price Description
Basic Tune
SKU: UY-63-49
$50 Edge sharpening and buff wax
Standard Ski / Snowboard Tune
SKU: LX-07-25
$70 Belt grind, stone ground structure, edge sharpening and polish, buff wax
Full Ski / Snowboard Tune
SKU: GY-18-97
$90 Belt grind, stone ground structure, minor base repair, edge sharpening and polish, buff wax
Premier Ski / Snowboard Tune
SKU: SN-79-20
$140 Belt grind, stone ground structure, minor base repair, hand cut bevel and polish, ski sauna
Standard Splitboard Tune
SKU: XW-29-70
$100 Belt grind, stone ground structure, edge sharpening and polish, buff wax
Full Splitboard Tune
SKU: RG-87-30
$120 Belt grind, stone ground structure, minor base repair, edge sharpening and polish, buff wax
Premier Splitboard Tune
SKU: 52457
$155 Belt grind, stone ground structure, minor base repair, hand cut edge bevel and polish, ski sauna
XCD Ski Tune
SKU: GP-75-16
$60 Base grind, edge sharpening, buff wax
Kids' Ski Tune (Under 130cm)
SKU: TC-13-86
$60 Base grind, edge sharpening, buff wax
New Ski Prep
SKU: GB-77-25 / EP-36-30
$55 no purchase ($40 w/ purchase of skis) Stone ground structure, hand-polished factory bevel, saturated hot wax
Climbing Skin Trimming
SKU: SA-59-06 / LA-12-11
$40 no purchase ($25 w/ purchase of ski package) Climbing skin trimming to fit your skis
Edge Sharpening
SKU: YK-09-61
$35 Standalone edge sharpening
Buff Wax
SKU: KX-24-83
$20 Standalone buff wax treatment
Saturated Hot Wax
SKU: PU-22-18
$30 Standalone saturated hot wax treatment
Ski Sauna Hot Wax
SKU: WL-84-08
$45 Standalone saturated hot wax with hotbox treatment
Ski Scrape
SKU: YJ-88-44
$15 Base scraping to remove old wax
Hot Wax Upgrade
SKU: JP-92-55
$20 Upgrades any tune to include saturated hot wax
Phantom Base Treatment Upgrade
SKU: CE-65-50
$150 Upgrades any tune to include DPS's PHANTOM Base Treatment (Upgrade not available for basic tunes)

Phantom Base Treatment

DPS's PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards.

Learn more about Phantom Base Treatment here.

Service Price
PHANTOM 2.0 Base Treatment
SKU: DN-77-29
$175 (Includes cost of treatment kit)
Ski & Snowboard Repair
Service Price Description
Base Patch
SKU: GQ-73-51
$50 minimum plus price of Full Tune Base patching, stone ground structure, P-Tex repair, edge sharpening and polish, buff wax
Edge Repair / Replacement
SKU: WG-27-49
$50 minimum plus price of Full Tune Edge repair or replacement, stone ground structure, P-Tex repair, edge sharpening and polish, buff wax
Epoxy Work
SKU: SU-94-63
$30 minimum For deeper holes, gouges, and base delamination
Binding Mounting & Service

Binding Mounting

We charge on a sliding scale based on the number of ski package components purchased (skis, bindings, and boots).

Binding Type Price With 1 item With 2 items With 3 items
AT / Alpine
(Mount and binding release test)
SKU: KX-03-35
SKU: UL-60-26 (WEB: SV-73-97)
SKU: IW-62-36
SKU: JJ-05-97
(Mount and tension adjustment)
SKU: RO-33-03
SKU: KD-92-92
SKU: RZ-26-28
SKU: DS-93-35
(Balance point mounting)
SKU: WE-82-25
SKU: WA-68-61
SKU: DY-38-99
SKU: EW-09-94
Snowboard $35
SKU: DI-90-47
SKU: FG-05-48
SKU: LH-68-00

Binding Adjustment

Includes forward pressure setting, calibration, and release test.

Price With 1 item With 2 items With 3 items
SKU: YF-39-53
SKU: YA-93-09
SKU: KO-64-11
SKU: 52456

Other Binding Services

Service Price Description
Binding Removal
SKU: GL-55-24
$10 Old binding removal and hole plugging
Remount Drilled Skis
SKU: 52455
$20 Mounting previously-mounted skis
Binding Freedom Insert Installation
SKU: JO-97-21 / OR-91-05
$15 / hole ($10 / hole with purchase of 2 + items) Includes inserts and mounting hardware
Heli Coil Insert Installation
SKU: MD-56-80
$10 / hole Includes inserts and mounting hardware
Custom Mounting
SKU: VO-13-55
$150 Custom mounting location for binding

Custom Ski Boot Fitting

Our team of boot fitters will work with you to expertly customize your new ski boots to your feet using a variety of grinding, punching, stretching, and volume-tweaking techniques. We are also equipped and certified to fit and install custom insoles from Masterfit™ to make your boots feel like they were made just for you.

Custom Ski Boot Fitting

Labor & Fees

Service Price
Boot Labor
SKU: XZ-08-09
$100 / hour (Billed in 15-minute increments)

Ski Boot Modifications

Service Price
Ski Boot Shell Stretch $30 (Per boot)
Custom Shell Mold
SKU: BN-51-84

Fit Aids, Parts & Installation

Service Price
Hotronic Install (Footbed not included)
SKU: VE-85-29
$60 (Free w/purchase of footbed)
Shims $5 (Pair)
Modified Wrap $6 (Pair)
Full Wrap $7 (Pair)
L Pad $3 (Pair)
C Pad $3 (Pair)
Heel Lift $5 (Pair)
Foam $10 (Per square inch)
Walk Mode Repair $35
Boa Repair $25 (Per square inch)
Custom Footbeds
Service Price
MasterFit Instaprint LV $149.95
MasterFit IP Snow $174.95
Boot Doc $137.95
Ski Boot Liner Heat Molding

As part of our Boot Fit Promise, boot liner heat molding is FREE with purchase for the lifetime of your boots!

Service Price with purchase of Ski Boots Price without purchase
Boot Liner Heat Molding FREE! $35
SKU: OD-30-71
Current Boot Fitting Policies
  • We are accepting walk-in customers for boot fitting, but with limited seating capacity in our boot fitting area we strongly recommend making an appointment for any custom boot work.
  • Please be aware that there may be a wait to work with one of our boot fitters. If we are at maximum capacity, walk-in customers will be put on a waitlist and called when a spot becomes available.
  • To make a custom boot fit appointment, call our service department at 802-861-7533.

What to Bring For Your Boot Fitting

  • A pair of your ski socks.
  • Any aftermarket footbeds that you currently use.

1 Year Boot Fit Promise

Our 1 Year Boot Fit Promise is our commitment to make sure your ski boots are the right ones for you and fit as comfortably as possible. It includes complimentary light modification to any non-discounted ski boot over $300 for one (1) season after purchase* and free boot liner heat molding for the lifetime of the boot.

* Light modification is defined as 2-4 shell punches or grinding in a specific area, such as the heel. Complimentary light modification is capped at a total of 1 hour of work, excluding the initial assessment.

1 Year Custom Boot Fit Program

Have issues with boots fitting properly right out of the box? Do you know that you'll need custom boot work done to your boots? Purchase a boot with us (new or consignment) and you'll have the ability to buy into our 1 Year Custom Boot Fit Program. Whether you'll need multiple fittings or just one or two, have the confidence to purchase boots and know that they'll be able to work!

  • Basic Package ($60) includes: 50% off all custom boot work for one (1) year from date of purchase, a one-time 10% discount off a pair of full-price ski socks, and a one-time 10% discount off any full-price, custom, or drop in footbed purchase.
  • Full Package ($160) includes: All inclusive custom boot work for one (1) year from date of purchase, a one-time 20% discount off a pair of full-price ski socks, and a one-time 20% discount off any full-price, custom, or drop in footbed purchase.

If you're not confident in your boots fitting properly after your third fitting (or 30 ski days, whichever comes first), we will return the boots for in-store credit to put toward a different pair of boots.

Gear Repair

We are proud to offer general gear repair services to help keep perfectly good gear in use and out of the landfill. We are able to offer basic backpacking/hiking tent repair including tent pole repair and replacement, zipper repair (please note that we cannot do full replacement for tent zippers), sewing jobs of technical fabrics, ski boot repair, and snowshoe repair.

All tent repairs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether it is in the range of work capable by our techs.

Much like tent repairs, backpack repairs include basic sewing jobs and zipper repair, and are also assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Sewing & Zipper Repair
Service Price
Basic Sewing Repair $15 – $20
Complex Sewing Repair $20 – $30
Basic Slider Repair (Including Slider) $15
Complex Slider Repair (Including Slider) $25 +
Tent Pole Repair
Service Price
Restring Tent Pole Bungee $15
Replace Tent Pole Segments (+ Cost of Segments) $20
Replacement Aluminum Tent Pole Segments (Part) $6
Replacement Fiberglass Tent Pole Segments (Part) $4
Ski Boot & Snowshoe Repair

Ski Boot Repair

Service Price
Basic Buckle Repair (+ Cost of Parts) $15
Complex Buckle Repair (+ Cost of Parts) $25
Install Boot Sole Blocks $10

Snowshoe Repair

Service Price
Rivet Repair $15 for one, $10 for each additional
Replace Heel Strap (+ Cost of Strap) $25

Rack Installs

Whether you've purchased all, part, or none of your new car rack setup from us, our trained staff will be happy to install it for you! Rack installations must be scheduled ahead of time; please call 888-547-4327 to set up an appointment. Same-day installations for customers purchasing car rack setups from us are dependent on current staff on-hand and are not guaranteed.

Rack Install Pricing

Roof Rack Installation Services

If you purchased your car rack components from us, we will install them for FREE!

Service Price If Purchased at OGE
Rack Install on Naked or Fixed Point Roof $60 FREE!
Rack Install on Raised Rail or Flush Rail Roof $40 FREE!
Accessory Rack Install (J Cradle, Ski/Snowboard Racks, etc.) $25 each FREE!
Cargo Box Installation $25 FREE!
Roof Top Tent Installation $60 FREE!
Hitch / Trunk Rack Installation $40 FREE!
Rack Uninstall $25

Important Note About Consigned Car Rack Components:

While the installation of consignment car racks and components follows the same pricing structure as above, pricing can be subject to change based on their condition — labor costs may need to be added depending on the duration of time spent on installation.