If you have an outdoor sports or online shopping related website, you could be getting paid for referrals to Outdoor Gear Exchange. Place affiliate links on your site, and you'll earn a percentage of each sale you send our way. Signing up is quick, easy, and free!

Why Outdoor Gear Exchange is a great partner

We're on a mission to sell a wide variety of quality outdoor gear and clothing. From the latest and greatest technology to dirtbag closeout deals, we aim to have a price point for every type of gear shopper. Our dedicated development team works hard to optimize our website for a high conversion rate, and we offer a generous 30 day referral period so you'll earn commission on sales up to a month after the fact! We provide a variety of text links and display banners. Custom size requests are also welcome. For even better results, integrate our dynamic data feed and promote individual, in-stock products with always up to date pricing!

Affiliate Program Stats:

  • 6% commission
  • 30 day tracking cookie
  • $130 average order value
  • Responsive affiliate program manager
  • Dynamic Product Data Feed

Ready to Sign up? Our program is run through the Avantlink network.  Read on to get started:



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