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Career Opportunities

Floor Sales (Biking, Skiing, and Climbing)

Outdoor Gear Exchange is looking for passionate and experienced outdoors people to help our customers find what they need for their next adventure.

In-depth experience in outdoor activities required, and we are specifically looking for someone with a lot of current mountain biking, skiing, and/or climbing experience. This person should be knowledgeable about different styles of mountain bike riding and the frame, shock, and component options that assist those styles; alpine and alpine touring equipment; and/or traditional, ice and sport climbing.

Employees will be expected to work during the holidays and weekends. This position is full-time with great benefits (subsidized health insurance, 401k, profit sharing, generous PTO, industry perks)—we are not considering part-time applicants currently. Please send a resume and cover letter detailing your outdoor experience and by email. Please follow-up by email only, no phone calls.

Please send a cover letter detailing your outdoor experience and a resume by email to [email protected]. Follow-up by email only, no phone calls.